All My Best Ideas Happen in the Shower

You may have noticed I am very sporadic about posting. Sometimes I post four times a day, and then stop for weeks. There’s a simple explanation for this phenomenon:

I’m lazy. 

That’s all there really is. Some people are brilliant and talented and creative enough to churn out a post or more every single day and run wonderful blogs full of humor and ideas. I don’t.

When I do have a brilliant and creative idea, I tend to be doing something where I can’t rush to my computer or whip out my phone and start writing. And then I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and then the brilliant idea will be shoved into the dark recesses of my mind, filed away amid the fears and worries about my uncertain future. This post, for example, was thought of in the shower, weeks ago. I thought to myself, “All my best ideas happen in the shower,” and then proceeded to think what a brilliant title for a post that would be. And then shampooed my hair, promptly forgetting about my lovely post title and omitting to come up with something to put in the body of the post. 

I thought about making it a tweet instead, confining it to Twitter’s 140 characters, nice and neat, “All my best ideas happen in the shower,” sent to 41 followers, 11 of which are spambots. But something felt off, like I should have more. Something that filled more than Twitter could handle, and something which Tumblr was not quite suited for. My 458 Facebook friends don’t give a toss about what I’ve got to say beyond clever captions on pictures of my cats, so you lot have to deal with my word vomit. Lucky for you I only have bouts of creativity every few weeks. 

This post has no point, I just wanted to use the phrase “my best ideas happen in the shower.”


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