That sketchy house that always has a car for sale.

My parents have been divorced since I was eight, and even though technically I don’t have to follow the court order that dictated where I was at any given time, it’s just easier to go back and forth than endure the constant guilt trips about “you always spend more time over there than you do over here!” Fucked up, right? 


On the way between my mom’s house and my dad’s house, there’s this sketchy little house right next to a freeway overpass. The thing is, this is in a reasonably affluent area, and all the other houses are real nice, with perfect lawns and functioning mailboxes. This house in particular is dinky in comparison. It’s closer to the road than the other houses, and the lawn is all sorts of torn up. The house’s paint is chipped and peeling, and the driveway is crumbling.

But the one thing that makes this house really bizarre is the perpetual presence of a car for sale at the end of the driveway. It’s not even the same car. Every few weeks, it’s a new car for sale. I don’t know if this is a legitimate business or a used-car black market. It can’t be a casual thing, because they ALWAYS have a car to sell. They range from old clunkers to really nice luxury cars. And when one car disappears (gets sold?) another one replaces it. Just one car at a time. Always. 

I pay attention to this house because the way the car for sale is positioned, just behind the bushes so you only see it as you pass, it looks like a cop car. Which would totally make sense, because that house is right inside a speed trap. The limit goes from 35 on one side of the overpass to 25 on the other, and I have to admit, I’m never quite down to 25 by the time I pass the sign. So I’ve done the paranoid glance every so often (every fucking time) to make sure there wasn’t a cop hiding back there. Nope. Every time it’s been a car just waiting to be sold. 

Tricky shit. 

I’m really curious though. How do they get all those cars? Do they buy cars and turn around and sell them for a profit? Or do they rent out driveway space to one person at a time to house a car for sale? Is that a thing that people do? 

I’m so confused.


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