#ThrowbackThursday…on Monday.

I know it’s not Thursday, don’t worry about my mental state any more than you usually do. 

I just got a bunch of Facebook notifications, because my mother shared this picture of me and all her friends were liking it:


and I figured I would show you guys. 

I had it captioned “#tbt to those three seconds I considered med school” because since both my parents are doctors, I constantly get asked “So, are you going to be a doctor like your mom and dad?” to which I eloquently respond, “lol nope.” 

Blood and guts squick me out. I can’t do it. Even when we dissected frogs and earth worms in seventh grade science class I would pair up with a guy and trick him into doing the dirty work while I perched on my stool and hid behind my notebook. In elementary school I fell off my bike, scraped my hand up, and vomited at the sight of my skin flapping around. Three months ago I had to have a skin biopsy and turned “a terrifying shade of pale” when the doctor put the needle in, even after he numbed the area.

So no, I am not going to be a doctor like my mom and dad, thank you very much.

But let’s all take a moment and appreciate what a cute kid I was, which is truly the spirit behind #ThrowbackThursday.


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