Proof of Life

Hiii, just checking in so no one sends a search party after me. Not that any of you were planning on it, lazy fucks.
Quick Life Update:

I’m moving. I might have mentioned that I got into grad school, so I’m moving on Monday to go do that. This is the main portion of the update. I got into grad school and I’m moving to Texas.
I’m mostly excited for the move, but feel a little awkwardly guilty about it because my dad is staying in Ohio and my mom will be in Texas and I’m so used to splitting time between their houses that being at my mom’s all the time (I’m living with her for a bit) will be odd for me. Usually the only time I’m not constantly going back and forth is when I’m in school, which so far has been a couple states away but now will be halfway across the country from my dad and really close to my mom. Is that a normal thing to feel guilty about or is it just me?

That’s basically it. I’ve been going crazy with planning the move and sorting my life out, and my dad had surgery on his shoulder so I’ve been helping him function and basically doing everything for everyone and just sat down for ten minutes to bang out this post so you all don’t give up on me.