Normal Childhood Memories #3

A quick background for this one: in India, instead of wedding rings, many women wear a necklace called a mangalsutra, which signifies they’re married. It can be super elaborate or fairly simple,single or multistranded, depending on personal tastes.

So when I was around three, I went to India with my parents, and we were visiting my dad’s sister, my atya. He mother in law was visiting too. So while I was in the city with my grandma and my aunts, who all wore a single stranded mangalsutra, my three year old logic decided that one strand=one husband.Then I saw my aunt’s mother in law wearing a mangalsutra with five strands.

The gears started turning in my little head. In my piercing, high pitched little voice, I asked her, “Do you have FIVE husbands?!” Thankfully she was in a good mood that day and laughed, calling the whole family over to share what this impertinent little girl had just shrieked out.

So no, five strands did not mean she had five husbands.


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