Go through my stuff

I used to have the issue of carrying way way too much stuff in my bags, whether it was a purse or a backpack. But now I’ve downsized a lot, realizing that half the shit I think I should have, I just don’t need. So here’s a recently updated overturning of my school bag.


Look at that, I’ve even numbered things so nice and neatly. I’m great.

1. The very first thing in my bag is my pen case. It’s a bright purple Steve Madden case meant to hold makeup brushes. I got it at a Nordstrom Rack while out with my mom. It holds a surprising amount of pens. I like keeping a pen case in my backpack, and a jar of pens on my desk, otherwise I forget to bring a pen to class. And I just feel so weird writing with someone else’s pen. Is that a normal thing? I just cannot write with anyone else’s writing implement.

2. My planner. Even though I get syllabi from all my professors that outline exactly what needs to be done and when, I like writing things down for myself, so I’ve got all my assignments in one place, plus to do lists of everything else I need to get done. If I’m not on campus, I keep my planner open to that day on my desk, where I spent the rest of my day,and that way I can just go through and get shit done.

3. My notebook. I still take notes by hand, otherwise I get bored and start daydreaming or fucking around on the internet. I still doodle, but at least with my hands moving I can pay attention a lot better. Once I’ve taken notes, when I get home I just type up my notes into outlines so I have study guides ready to go at exam time. Apparently I am insane for this. Huh.

4. My iPad mini. I got this for Christmas last year from my dad (thanks, dad). I don’t really keep many school related things on here, but I do have a lot of books and music and movies, which is great because half my life seems to be spent in airports.

5. My iPhone. This is my life. It’s ridiculous how much I am on my phone. I have this compulsive need to be in constant contact with my friends and family, and my family seems to have that same compulsion. Heaven forbid I miss one call from either of my parents.

6. Soap & Glory Hand Food. This lotion is AMAZING. It gets really dry in Texas sometimes. Some people claim that Texas winters are wet and rainy, but let’s be real, I grew up in Ohio. They invented wet and rainy up there. This is nothing. And since any other time everyone is blasting the AC or heater and the air is dry, I used this so much throughout the day. It keeps my hands from getting all cracked and scaly and painful.

7. A notepad. For writing things down.

8. My glasses. In theory, I need these to drive at night and to see distances when I’m tired. But the thing is, the prescription is either a little too strong or a little too weak, because I wear them for ten minutes and then get a horrific headache. They’re brand new and really cute too. My brother calls them hipster glasses but they are totally not.

9. This is my makeup bag. It’s a small bag I got in the habit of keeping with me when I was in high school, going between my parents’ houses every day. I’ll make a separate post of what’s in it, but it’s a very basic kit for quick makeup.

10. A coin purse. My wallet (not pictured. Great job, Vrishali. Forgetting the wallet.) is thin and gets lumpy and heavy with coins, so I keep coins separate.

11. Lens wipes. I use these on everything. Laptop, iPad, iPhone, and glasses. They keep things from getting smudgy, and more importantly, get oil off things that are going to touch my face. I have so many issues with my skin, last thing I need is more dirt and oil clogging things up.

That’s all that I haul around in my backpack, which is surprisingly not as heavy as you would think. The only things not pictured are my wallet and whichever textbooks I happen to need that week.

Show me what’s in your bag and I’ll put it on my blog! Email me a picture of what you’ve got in your bags, labelled as I’ve done mine, and a description of what everything is, along with a few sentences about yourself. We can make this a new feature. I think it’s actually super interesting to see all the different things everyone carries around. It varied based on lifestyles and the type of person.

Send submissions/other collab ideas to me at thisisnotaquickstory@gmail.com, follow me on Twitter here, Instagram here, and if you miss me a lot and want funny gifs I didn’t make with captions I did make, Tumblr here.


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