Go Through Desiree’s Stuff

As you might know (if you’ve been paying attention), I’ve started this series where I ask people (you guys included) to dump out their bags and send me a picture of the contents. I think it’s interesting to see what everyone considers an important thing that they need. 

This post is courtesy of my sweet friend Desiree, who may well be my best friend in the world. We met within the first week of being at OU. Not only did we live on the same [International] floor in the doors, but we also ended up sitting next to each other for five long semesters of Arabic class. Desiree is probably the first person I text when something happens in my life, and when she offers to scramble a jet or make someone disappear for me, I’m pretty sure she’s only half joking. We spend equal amounts of time discussing wedding dresses (she’s getting married later this year!) as we do deciding which terrorist group would win in a fight. She’s also the only person I talk about boys with. 

She very sweetly emptied her purse onto her desk for me, and this is the result of that venture:

IMG_4528 (1)

Here’s the goods:
Speeding ticket (Desiree! I’m shocked. You? Speeding? Never.)
Book about terrorism in Yemen- GO AQAP
Tooth brush/paste
2 notebooks
Nike Fit chip

God I have a ton of junk

Desiree has a grown up job way out in California, and I miss her very much. I don’t know what exactly she does, so I’m just gonna say she’s a secret agent or something cool like that. Super spy. Thank you, Desiree! 

If you want to submit your own picture/description, empty your bag and email me at thisisnotaquickstory@gmail.com. I can be found on Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr if you really miss me.


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