What I’ve Been Up To.

A week and some ago I started my new semester, my third so far in grad school. If everything goes according to plan (and I am a compulsive planner so it better), I should be done with my master’s degree by May of 2016. Anyone hiring a Criminology major?

This semester, I’m taking two classes on campus, and one online. On campus, I’m taking Survey Research, which is exactly what it sounds like, and Descriptive and Inferential Statistics, which is actually hell. I am not a math-oriented person, I’ve always been better at subjects that were more objective and I could bullshit a twenty page paper and convince a professor I was brilliant. This class is very calculus based, and I haven’t taken a math class for seven years now, save for two stats classes while I was working on my undergrad degree. Which apparently are nothing like this stats class. It’s only been two classes, and I already feel like I’m behind in the class.

I’m also looking for a job, which sucks. For all the jobs I’m applying for that have the least bit to do with my field, they want four or five years of experience. Um, hello, I’ve spent the last twenty years in school, when exactly was I supposed to get this experience? And even for retail jobs while I’m still in school. They want a year or so of retail experience. But no one is willing to hire me to get that experience. It’s a never ending cycle of nobody paying me.

I know I didn’t post much over summer, but I did spend two months with my dad in Ohio. He’s just moved so I was helping him prepare for that move by packing and having a garage sale. I also took a class online, which was about drugs and crime. It was pretty interesting, and now I think I want to write my thesis on narcoterrorism.

I’m also considering going for a PhD, I’m not sure yet though. We’ll see how this semester goes. If I’m not totally burnt out on school then I might just keep going. If for no other reason than so my baby brother can’t get one before I do. I am very competitive like that. It’s probably unhealthy. Whatever.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. I sat down last night and wrote down some topics to actually write about, so hopefully I get on to some regular schedule. Excuse me for now, I need to go tackle a problem set that has more letters in it than numbers. Sigh.


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