Foil Tape and Twine: making pretty pictures prettier.

Pictures angle

I love photo prints. Like, actual physical pictures. Yes, I also love my instagram and I post pictures often, but I also love having physical copies of people I care about. When I was little, I loved going through my parents’ pictures, especially the ones from when they were young, in college, with all their friends. Clicking through an album on Facebook just isn’t the same. Sigh. But my problem with physical pictures is with displaying them. I don’t want to print them and just have them in a box, and photo albums that aren’t for specific occasions like weddings or first birthdays just seem grandmother-ish.

I’ve been toying with the concept of displaying pictures on twine, held up by clothespins, for a while now, but every time I did it just felt off. Either the pins were too big, or the pictures just seemed unfinished. So while I was wandering the craft store idly wondering if I could afford to drop $100+ on an instant camera, because I really like that look (I can’t.), I stumbled upon the decorative tapes, fell in love, and briefly considered covering everything I own in rose gold tape. I ended up grabbing a three-pack of gold, silver, and rose gold foil tape, along with some teeny white clothespins. I’ve been gravitating towards light colored decorations, because my furniture is black (my mom let me pick it out when I was fifteen), and I want things to be bright and cheery all of a sudden.

So I grabbed my foil tape, and the little white clothespins, and skipped off home (okay, I drove) to play with it all. I also ended up going through a picture album of photos from university, and pulled out a bunch I wanted to display.


As you can kind of tell, I split the pictures I had chosen into three piles, so I would have even amounts of the different colors of tape. From there it was super easy. I just put the tape along the top and bottom edges of the photo, making it as straight as possible and folding it right over. I initially wanted to do all four edges, but when I tried that, it felt closed in, so I kept it to the top and bottom edges.

I was such a cool kid.
I was such a cool kid.
I continued doing that for all of the pictures, until I had three-ish piles of nicely edged photos.

Pictures close

Once I had them in some semblance of an order, I pulled my desk away from the wall and stuck some clear command hooks up, and strung up some twine. I made the middle hooks for each row higher than the ends, because I didn’t want the weight of the pins and pictures to make the twine droop. Once that was up (and I convinced Piglit the cat that he should not try ripping the twine off the wall), I pinned up my pictures, and the ones that didn’t make it onto the wall (I ran out of hooks) have been stuck to my whiteboard with magnets. Maybe I should do a little post about my half of the study? It’s super organized now, and I know that won’t last long.

Pictures close up

I really like how it all turned out. The tape makes the pictures look a bit more uniform, even though some of them were taken on my old phone, some with my DSLR, and still more are 20+ year old prints that my parents took when I was a toddler (note me on my dad’s shoulders in the bottom row, second from the left).


I really like having something on my wall. The blank space in front of my desk was driving me nuts. I’m really happy with this project. Next, I want to take a light colored contact paper and stick it to the top of my desk. Is that a plausible thing? I’m getting sick of the black furniture.

Let me know in the comments if you try this or tag me on instagram, or twitter. For collaborations or craft ideas, email me at


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