Perks of the job

I love kids. I nanny, when I’m not studying bad guys and terrorism, and sometimes that means I get to do some really fun things, like going to the aquarium with the cutest toddler in the world. When we got there, she looked around the room, with its wall of glass with fish on the other side, and got so excited that she forgot to talk, and opted instead to shake with glee.

She’s been on a Finding Nemo kick lately, even though the movie came out a good nine years before she was born, and calls all clownfish Nemos. Which was absolutely precious when we went up the stairs and came face to face with the coral reef habitat, and a giant school of clownfish.

"So many Nemos!!"
“So many Nemos!!”

I really liked this aquarium. The way it was set up was perfect for little ones, especially since a lot of the windows into the tanks were kid height. But my little peanut (as she calls herself, “I’m your little peanut!”) didn’t let that stop her. She would turn to me and go “I need a boost, please!” even though at 5’1, I couldn’t provide that great of a boost.

My favorite part of the trip was finding this trio just hanging out near an anemone:

Gang's all here.
Gang’s all here.

The kid didn’t know why I got so excited. I can’t wait for Finding Dory to come out next summer.


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