Zucchini is a Perfectly Acceptable Pizza Topping

What’s the distinction between a flatbread and a pizza? Are they just the same thing from two cultures? Does one have sauce and the other doesn’t? Genuine question here. Answer in the comments.

So I had all this zucchini in my fridge because Desiree and Larissa came to visit and we got ambitious and thought we’d grill it sometime during OU/tx (I’m still salty about that game). I also had a bunch of gluten free pizza crusts that I got from Sprouts, so I figure I might as well use those too.

The problem with zucchini is that it is very watery. And whenever I would cook it, it would make everything miserably soggy. After some googling, I figured out that salting the zucchini for a few minutes would draw out the water. So I chopped it up into teeny julienne strips, you can chop yours however you want but I don’t recommend slices, because after it’s been sitting in the salt for a bit, you need to grab it and just squeeze all the water out. I was surprised at not only how much water came out of the zucchini, but also at how well it stood up to being manhandled. I guess I was expecting it to just turn to mush like cucumber, but turns out, zucchini is a tough lil veggie.

In addition to zucchini, I also used some freshly diced tomatoes, chopped mushrooms, minced garlic, and a little it of butter, and topped it all with a sprinkle of cheese. I omitted tomato sauce because I didn’t want to drown out the zucchini, and I was worried about it getting soggy.

flatbread ingredients

My pizza crust came prebaked, and I could have just piled everything on top, but since I wanted a crisper crust I stuck it in the oven for about as long as it took my oven to preheat to 425F, and the spread the butter on it, with the garlic directly on top. Then I layered it, tomatoes, mushrooms, and zucchini, and baked it for about ten minutes so the veggies could cook. Then I pulled it out and sprinkled the cheese on top, sticking it back in the oven for three minutes, just until the cheese was melted.

zucchini flatbread

And guys, it is so good. The salt makes the zucchini not bland, and the crispy crust balances out the texture really well. Without tomato sauce it doesn’t feel super heavy, and not piling on a lot of cheese helps with that too. I’m really pleased with how this came out, and I’m excited to try new things with all the rest of the zucchini in my fridge.


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