Temporary hiatus 

I’ve decided I am going to take a short break from this blog, just until the beginning of January. My grandmother passed away this past week, and I’ve been with my family ever since. Thanks for understanding, see you soon. 



Urban Decay | Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette: First Thoughts

Yesterday was my birthday (holy shit I’m 24) and as is our little tradition, my mom took me shopping, since I am notoriously difficult to shop for. We went straight to Ulta, and I made a beeline for the Urban Decay shelves, because I had my eye on the palette that Gwen Stefani had created for them.

GS Palette outside

And it’s so pretty! I’ve been going through a phase where I love anything that’s black, white, and gold, and that’s Gwen Stefani’s favorite color theme, so this palette is just wonderful.

GS Palette Shades.jpg

Inside, there are fifteen shades, most of them neutral, which is great because I don’t really use wildly colorful eyeshadows anyway. I like keeping makeup simple and natural. And unlike Urban Decay’s Naked palette series, a decent proportion of these shades are matte, which is great for people who don’t do a lot of glitter.

GS Palette texture closeup

And look at those textures! All of the eyeshadows are so incredibly smooth and pigmented, even the glittery ones. I was going to do swatches, but had to run to work so use your imagination. But I will say, my skintone is an awkward caramel-tan so I have a hard time finding good colors for it, and all of these look great.

GS Palette open palette

And look at that giant mirror! This palette is very solid. An issue I had with my Naked 2 palette was that the casing felt flimsy and I was afraid that the shadow trays would pop out of the plastic.

Overall, I really like this palette. A lot. I’ll update in a few days when I’ve used it for a while.


Skulking Around Starbucks

I was feeling super antsy this afternoon, and when I’m antsy I start spiraling into this weird mental place where nothing can go right. So I decided to get out of the house and somewhere I could work on one of my finals, which is going to be a fifteen page behemoth. Well. Minor behemoth. I miss when fifteen pages was an extraordinarily long paper. So I skipped over to Starbucks, and have been skulking in a corner behind my laptop ever since, trying to feel productive.

Dec 9 2015

I’m not wearing leggings today, look at that! Although, those are ponte (apparently pronounced pon-tee) pants at the top, and they’re basically leggings disguised as real pants. Those I got at Kohl’s, they’re Simply Vera by Vera Wang and I have them in three colors, navy (pictured), grey, and black. Super comfy. The shirt is a soft v-neck from Old Navy, and the shoes are also from Old Navy. Got them off the clearance rack in the middle of summer, before I went to India. Great to travel in.

The Starbucks I’m in is slowly being overrun by teenagers taking selfies with their coffee cups and talking about Instagram drama. I need an adult.

Happy finals/reading week!


Nanny Life

I have the best job ever. I get to run around and play with the cutest little toddler. Today we played in her toy kitchen, and ran around chasing bubbles, and took a long walk, and crunched acorn caps.

And even if it’s December, Texas is weird, and it’s currently 70 degrees out. So no need to grab a jacket today.

Dec 8 2015

I chose a light jersey knit (?) tshirt, that I got from TJMaxx. It’s super soft and super long on me, so I can wear it with leggings. Surprise. I chucked my wallet and keys into this soft faux leather crossbody bag from Target, which leaves my hands free to chase after a wayward toddler, and wore these colorful Converse sneakers. All the better to run around on the playground. Finally, I have my favorite sunglasses. They’re super lightweight, Oscar by Oscar de la Renta, found at Marshall’s for fairly cheap.

Today is a low maintenance day. Yesterday I wore the exact same thing as this post, because I had an exam and a presentation and I just wanted to be cozy. I did slap some eyeliner on, so we can call it dressed up.

I would say stay warm, but it feels like Spring/Summer outside so…go out and enjoy the weather. Unless it’s cold by you. In that case, stay warm!

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Layered to Make an Onion Jealous

Texas is weird.

Just in general, but also with its idea of late fall/early winter weather. I grew up in Ohio so I’m used to snow in October and not seeing grass until April, but this state shuts down at the sight of a single snowflake. Not even kidding. This past February, I got four snow days in a row due to two inches of snow. That melted by noon. Whatever, I’m not complaining.

So layers are key around here, since it’ll be cold in the morning, hot during the day, and downright freezing once the sun goes down at 5. By the end of the week, my car looks like a rolling closet, and I can just take a laundry basket out to the garage to gather a washload of clothes.

Dec 5 2015

Excuse the white-on-white and harsh lighting. My stepfather was hanging out in the room I usually shoot in so I had to improvise.

Is anyone really surprised that I’m wearing leggings again? These are another pair of black capri length Spalding leggings, that I got off Amazon last year. So comfy. And on the right, that’s a plain black cami, from Target, and the blue (w0w! I’m wearing a color!) cropped sweater is also from Target. I got it years ago, I don’t know if they carry it anymore. If they do, I need to buy more colors. It’s fantastic. Kathryn bought the exact one, so there have been days we meandered out of our bedrooms at OU wearing the exact same grey tshirt, dark jeans, blue sweater combo. She is also the sort to have just three colors in her closet. She calls it minimalism.

The white top is this longer high-low cut tank I got from Nordstrom Rack. It’s got a cute little palm tree and triangle design on it, and the toddler I nanny loves to shriek “Bitali look at all the triiiiangles!” whenever I wear it. She calls me “Bitali” because she can’t say V’s, R’s, or SH’s. She’s cute.

For once I’m not wearing my combat boots, although since I haven’t left the house yet, who knows what may end up on my feet. These are some soft Rocket Dog sneakers I must have gotten from Famous or Payless, they’ve been sitting in my show rack for ages and I don’t remember ever wearing them.

And as usual, I’m wearing my Alex and Ani bangles, as well as this fake leather and chain wrap bracelet, probably from Forever 21. Who knows at this point. I hate shopping.

I Don’t Wear Many Colors

I was putting away some laundry this morning before I went to campus, and realized that the majority of my closet is grey, black, or white. I have some crimson and cream things, and that blue dress I wore to Desiree’s wedding, but for the most part, I wear dark colors. And I like it. I don’t like loud, bright colors, and I don’t agree with the sentiment that plus sized women (and their clothes) should be rambunctiously faaaabulous and consist of shiny and bold patterns. I’m not a pattern person.

So today I kept it simple. And yeah, I’m a little salty that I have to drive forty minutes to and forty minutes from campus (not counting rush hour) for what will more than likely end up to be a five minute meeting. That’s over an hour of time I’m wasting because certain people within my department can only meet after 4pm on Fridays while others can meet only before 1pm on Mondays and instead of finding a day to schedule all the meetings I can’t do over email and just being on campus all day, I have to drive back and forth a million times. Just a little salty about that.

Dec 4 2015

Today I wore a pretty basic knit top. It’s meant to be normal length but I’m short so it’s tunic length. It has a picture of an owl wearing glasses and a bowtie. I got it I think at Marshall’s or TJMaxx. One of those stores. I wore it once when I was visiting Kat and Anna in Norman, and when we stopped at a CVS to get Anna cough medicine, the cashier told us how he collected things that featured animals wearing people clothes. It was a little creepy, not gonna lie.

And since I avoid pants at all costs, I paired it with leggings, the same kind that I wore yesterday, but capri-length and black. Spalding, got them off Amazon. They’re seriously the best and I have four pairs. The scarf ended up in my closet somehow, I don’t remember how I got it but I like it. and the same combat boots from yesterday. They’re my favorite, from Amazon, and the second pair of the exact boot because I wore out my first pair. I was feeling ambitious and wore jewelry today, two Alex and Ani bangles, one has an elephant charm, the other has an anchor. I got them off Amazon (surprise!) and they were a Christmas gift from my cousin, via the Amazon gift card he gave me.

I dress like a bum most days. But that’s fine, as long as I put pants on and get my ass to campus I’m calling it a win.

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Happy finals week!

My Friends Keep Me Warm

I was running out my door today, heading to campus because I needed to play with this very expensive and persnickety piece of software that’s only in one computer lab in one building for the whole university, when I realized that almost everything I was wearing had been given to me by someone I cared about a lot.

Dec 3 ootd.jpg
Also, nothing makes a cat want to sleep on a thing like telling him not to sleep on the thing. 

Also I was very lumberjack-ish today. I think Texas is rubbing off on me. The boots and leggings I got off Amazon, boots from mom, leggings from dad, thanks to my wishlist. But the flannel I got from Desiree, whose wedding was this weekend. It’s an Old Navy flannel, but she got them monogrammed for herself and the bridesmaids. My initials are VMK, as you can tell. The scarf I got from sweet Kathryn, who wrote this post about what’s in her bag for me. She was in the Philippines around this time last year and brought it back for me, because I love scarves and have a million already.

I’m not sure I’m into the whole Outfit Of The Day thing, but this is what  wore today/am wearing as I write this. My finals are next week, and I’ve got a paper due before then, as well as a presentation to worry about, so bear with me while I try new things/drop off the face of the earth more so than I already have.

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Stay warm!