My Friends Keep Me Warm

I was running out my door today, heading to campus because I needed to play with this very expensive and persnickety piece of software that’s only in one computer lab in one building for the whole university, when I realized that almost everything I was wearing had been given to me by someone I cared about a lot.

Dec 3 ootd.jpg
Also, nothing makes a cat want to sleep on a thing like telling him not to sleep on the thing. 

Also I was very lumberjack-ish today. I think Texas is rubbing off on me. The boots and leggings I got off Amazon, boots from mom, leggings from dad, thanks to my wishlist. But the flannel I got from Desiree, whose wedding was this weekend. It’s an Old Navy flannel, but she got them monogrammed for herself and the bridesmaids. My initials are VMK, as you can tell. The scarf I got from sweet Kathryn, who wrote this post about what’s in her bag for me. She was in the Philippines around this time last year and brought it back for me, because I love scarves and have a million already.

I’m not sure I’m into the whole Outfit Of The Day thing, but this is what  wore today/am wearing as I write this. My finals are next week, and I’ve got a paper due before then, as well as a presentation to worry about, so bear with me while I try new things/drop off the face of the earth more so than I already have.

If you miss me, my Instagram and Twitter are in the box to the top right, and you can email me at

Stay warm!


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