I Don’t Wear Many Colors

I was putting away some laundry this morning before I went to campus, and realized that the majority of my closet is grey, black, or white. I have some crimson and cream things, and that blue dress I wore to Desiree’s wedding, but for the most part, I wear dark colors. And I like it. I don’t like loud, bright colors, and I don’t agree with the sentiment that plus sized women (and their clothes) should be rambunctiously faaaabulous and consist of shiny and bold patterns. I’m not a pattern person.

So today I kept it simple. And yeah, I’m a little salty that I have to drive forty minutes to and forty minutes from campus (not counting rush hour) for what will more than likely end up to be a five minute meeting. That’s over an hour of time I’m wasting because certain people within my department can only meet after 4pm on Fridays while others can meet only before 1pm on Mondays and instead of finding a day to schedule all the meetings I can’t do over email and just being on campus all day, I have to drive back and forth a million times. Just a little salty about that.

Dec 4 2015

Today I wore a pretty basic knit top. It’s meant to be normal length but I’m short so it’s tunic length. It has a picture of an owl wearing glasses and a bowtie. I got it I think at Marshall’s or TJMaxx. One of those stores. I wore it once when I was visiting Kat and Anna in Norman, and when we stopped at a CVS to get Anna cough medicine, the cashier told us how he collected things that featured animals wearing people clothes. It was a little creepy, not gonna lie.

And since I avoid pants at all costs, I paired it with leggings, the same kind that I wore yesterday, but capri-length and black. Spalding, got them off Amazon. They’re seriously the best and I have four pairs. The scarf ended up in my closet somehow, I don’t remember how I got it but I like it. and the same combat boots from yesterday. They’re my favorite, from Amazon, and the second pair of the exact boot because I wore out my first pair. I was feeling ambitious and wore jewelry today, two Alex and Ani bangles, one has an elephant charm, the other has an anchor. I got them off Amazon (surprise!) and they were a Christmas gift from my cousin, via the Amazon gift card he gave me.

I dress like a bum most days. But that’s fine, as long as I put pants on and get my ass to campus I’m calling it a win.

If you want to follow my new Instagram account, made solely for this blog, it’s here. Or my personal one, with 87% more cat pictures, is here, as is my Twitter. You can also email me at thisisnotaquickstory@gmail.com.

Happy finals week!


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