Layered to Make an Onion Jealous

Texas is weird.

Just in general, but also with its idea of late fall/early winter weather. I grew up in Ohio so I’m used to snow in October and not seeing grass until April, but this state shuts down at the sight of a single snowflake. Not even kidding. This past February, I got four snow days in a row due to two inches of snow. That melted by noon. Whatever, I’m not complaining.

So layers are key around here, since it’ll be cold in the morning, hot during the day, and downright freezing once the sun goes down at 5. By the end of the week, my car looks like a rolling closet, and I can just take a laundry basket out to the garage to gather a washload of clothes.

Dec 5 2015

Excuse the white-on-white and harsh lighting. My stepfather was hanging out in the room I usually shoot in so I had to improvise.

Is anyone really surprised that I’m wearing leggings again? These are another pair of black capri length Spalding leggings, that I got off Amazon last year. So comfy. And on the right, that’s a plain black cami, from Target, and the blue (w0w! I’m wearing a color!) cropped sweater is also from Target. I got it years ago, I don’t know if they carry it anymore. If they do, I need to buy more colors. It’s fantastic. Kathryn bought the exact one, so there have been days we meandered out of our bedrooms at OU wearing the exact same grey tshirt, dark jeans, blue sweater combo. She is also the sort to have just three colors in her closet. She calls it minimalism.

The white top is this longer high-low cut tank I got from Nordstrom Rack. It’s got a cute little palm tree and triangle design on it, and the toddler I nanny loves to shriek “Bitali look at all the triiiiangles!” whenever I wear it. She calls me “Bitali” because she can’t say V’s, R’s, or SH’s. She’s cute.

For once I’m not wearing my combat boots, although since I haven’t left the house yet, who knows what may end up on my feet. These are some soft Rocket Dog sneakers I must have gotten from Famous or Payless, they’ve been sitting in my show rack for ages and I don’t remember ever wearing them.

And as usual, I’m wearing my Alex and Ani bangles, as well as this fake leather and chain wrap bracelet, probably from Forever 21. Who knows at this point. I hate shopping.


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