Nanny Life

I have the best job ever. I get to run around and play with the cutest little toddler. Today we played in her toy kitchen, and ran around chasing bubbles, and took a long walk, and crunched acorn caps.

And even if it’s December, Texas is weird, and it’s currently 70 degrees out. So no need to grab a jacket today.

Dec 8 2015

I chose a light jersey knit (?) tshirt, that I got from TJMaxx. It’s super soft and super long on me, so I can wear it with leggings. Surprise. I chucked my wallet and keys into this soft faux leather crossbody bag from Target, which leaves my hands free to chase after a wayward toddler, and wore these colorful Converse sneakers. All the better to run around on the playground. Finally, I have my favorite sunglasses. They’re super lightweight, Oscar by Oscar de la Renta, found at Marshall’s for fairly cheap.

Today is a low maintenance day. Yesterday I wore the exact same thing as this post, because I had an exam and a presentation and I just wanted to be cozy. I did slap some eyeliner on, so we can call it dressed up.

I would say stay warm, but it feels like Spring/Summer outside so…go out and enjoy the weather. Unless it’s cold by you. In that case, stay warm!

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