Skulking Around Starbucks

I was feeling super antsy this afternoon, and when I’m antsy I start spiraling into this weird mental place where nothing can go right. So I decided to get out of the house and somewhere I could work on one of my finals, which is going to be a fifteen page behemoth. Well. Minor behemoth. I miss when fifteen pages was an extraordinarily long paper. So I skipped over to Starbucks, and have been skulking in a corner behind my laptop ever since, trying to feel productive.

Dec 9 2015

I’m not wearing leggings today, look at that! Although, those are ponte (apparently pronounced pon-tee) pants at the top, and they’re basically leggings disguised as real pants. Those I got at Kohl’s, they’re Simply Vera by Vera Wang and I have them in three colors, navy (pictured), grey, and black. Super comfy. The shirt is a soft v-neck from Old Navy, and the shoes are also from Old Navy. Got them off the clearance rack in the middle of summer, before I went to India. Great to travel in.

The Starbucks I’m in is slowly being overrun by teenagers taking selfies with their coffee cups and talking about Instagram drama. I need an adult.

Happy finals/reading week!



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