Honey Lemonade

Guys, I’m sick. I had to call of work today and yesterday because I nanny and don’t want to get the little ones sick (even though they got me sick) because it’ll be a never ending cycle of bouncing germs back and forth because the baby likes putting his forehead against mine and staring at me cross eyed.

Honey lemonade is one of my favorite drinks when I’m sick, because the lemon helps if I’m feeling nauseated, and since there’s honey instead of granulated sugar, it’s easier on my throat. And it tastes fantastic when it’s hot.

honey lemonade

All you need:


Honey (1 tablespoon per two cups of water)

Lemon (I used one and a half, for one medium saucepan of water)

Bring the water to a boil, then turn the heat to low, to keep the water hot but not boiling. Add the honey, stirring so it integrates. Then add the lemon juice. You can play with the amounts until you’re happy with the taste.

You can serve it hot, which I like, or iced. It stores well in the fridge, you just have to shake it a little before you pour.

Sorry I haven’t been posting regularly, I’ve been sick and off my game. As always, find me on Twitter or Instagram, and by email, thisisnotaquickstory@gmail.com.


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