Long Hair, Care a Little.

I have very long hair. When I was younger, it was down to my butt. Although, since I topped out at 5’1 by the time I was 12, the distance from my head to my butt wasn’t anything to brag about. I chopped off and donated about ten inches when I was eleven, but it was still pretty long, and I’ve kept it pretty long ever since.

I have issues with split and frayed ends, and the main thing I’ve been doing to prevent that is avoiding heat. When I was in high school I would straighten my hair, but as I’ve gotten older, the curls have moved from wild frizz to actually manageable big curls/waves, which is in part because the weight of my hair keeps it down. So it’s become a lot easier to keep it looking nice without heat. When I do get frizzy, I like using an anti-frizz serum. My favorite is Garnier Fructis’s Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum. It’s available in most drug stores, and just half a pump is enough to tame my hair.

While avoiding heat is the biggest preventative measure, I also try remedying split ends when they do happen, with coconut oil. I use Vatika Coconut Hair Oil, available in most Indian grocery stores. I like it better than regular coconut oil because it’s easier to get out of my hair. Regular coconut oil, like the kind you use for cooking, is solid at room temperature, and gunks up pretty fast. The Vatika kind needs to be warmed, I pop a mug of water in the microwave for a bit and let the bottle sit in it for a few minutes. Then I start by putting it on the ends, and working it up. My mom tells me to really saturate my scalp with it, but I don’t like to. So I just coat the strands, concentrating on the ends, because those get pretty scraggly after a while.

When I don’t coconut oil my hair, I use a leave in conditioner spray after I shower, while my hair is still damp. I like using the Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow leave in. It absorbs really well into my damp hair, and smells nice too. As a bonus, it helps detangle my hair, which prevents breakage.

Beyond products, I bought a little pair of hair scissors, which I keep in my desk drawer, and every few weeks as I’m watching Netflix, I just go through my hair and cut out the individual split ends. This helps me avoid getting hair cuts, which although are great, can end up with me losing a lot of length, which is something I hate. I’ve also had the same hairdresser for ten years, and now that I’ve moved to Texas, I’m nervous about finding a new one. I do like going in for a trim if the ends are beyond repair.

That’s basically it. My hair is surprisingly low maintenance, to a point. As long as I keep it healthy, I don’t have to go to incredible lengths to keep it nice.